Areas of Expertise


It has many names - telecomm, datacomm/data communications, cabling plant, premise cabling, structured cabling, data and voice cabling, communications infrastructure, and the latest... information transport systems - and it is what we do best.


The latest capabilities of wireless technology present companies with compelling opportunities for competitive advantage. For example, the wireless industry has demonstrated greatly enhanced logistics and materials management processes when partnered with wireless data collection equipment


SuperUser Technologies is constantly striving to improve, beinnovative and stay on the cutting edge of technology. We are pleased to announce that we are adding security to the list of services we offer. This seems to be a natural migration from our normal cabling business and with today's faltering and unstable economy every business needs to protect their property from theft and damage.


Technologies has been a Corning-certified Extended Warranty Provider since 1996. Our certified technicians install manufacturer backed topologies including Intrabuilding and Interbuilding topologies.

Data Center

Have you outgrown your current 'cabling closet' or 'server room' and simply need new/more space? Do the building applications (electrical, HVAC, Fire Protection) support your IT room's growth? Are you in conformance with fire code? 


Are you getting ready to migrate to a VoIP phone system but your cabling closet is a mess? Are you standardizing on new network electronics and need to swap out old electronics on your rack but can't find your rack under all the cables? 


SuperUser provides the cabling for the control and monitoring of building automation systems (BAS) as these applications are now being integrated with the telecommunications cabling. These systems include, but are not limited to, security, fire, heating, and we have included paging.