Tone,Test and Tag/Closet Cleanup

Are you getting ready to migrate to a VoIP phone system but your cabling closet is a mess? Are you standardizing on new network electronics and need to swap out old electronics on your rack but can't find your rack under all the cables? SuperUser Technologies can help with this by:

1. Clean up your Closets

  • Install proper cable management
  • Properly route cables coming into the IT closet and into the Rack
  • Route and label patch cables from the devices, to the patch panels

2. Tone out and Test Existing Cabling

  • Verify existing cabling is meeting industry standards
  • Tone, Test and Tag unknown cables throughout the facility
  • Remedy any found issues after consulting with customer

3. Provide Updated Documentation

  • Provide a layout of the cabling throughout the facility
  • Include a spreadsheet of all the data drops
  • Provide certified test results for the cabling throughout the facility