In today's society, wireless networks are becoming a necessity for many companies and businesses. Many facilities such as schools, hospitals, airports, coffee shops, hotels, retailer, manufacturing plants and office complexes are looking to take advantage of the latest wireless technologies. There are several advantages such as:

 1. Productivity

  • With the increasing amount of public access points, wireless network users can stay connected to the office
  • Real time access to company files and shared resources such as databases and the internet
  • Users that are connected to the network can move around throughout the facility and stay connected.
  • Employees can continue to work on a project from any location.

 2. Convince

  • Users can access important documents from anywhere in the wireless network environment.
  • Allows visitors to gain access to network resources that they need

 3. Scalability

  • Wireless networks can handle multiple users as the amount of users grow.
  • Wireless network range is expandable by just adding another access point.